Friday, January 23, 2009

It's a Numbers Game

Counting and number recognition has begun!  This little game is a quick one, but I have to be honest, I thought of it while playing Bunco with my friends (quick little shout out to my bunco ya, mean it).  So, what you'll need is dice and numbers that have either been printed or hand written on separate small sheets of paper.  You may only need one dice, die, dices, whatever the plural is for that, it just depends on each child.  The older they are, the more dice and numbers you'll need.  You'll see, so let's move on...

So, have your little one toss up the dice, or roll it or throw it on the roof and let it fall to the ground, whatever floats your boat.  Once it lands, they need to count the number of dots on the top and then hold up what number they think it is and then pray real hard that you've not only taught them the way of the world, to put on their shoes and to say please and thank you, but that they recognize their numbers and can count.  Exhale with a sigh of relief when they get it because you've done your job.  They can now go solve the world's problems all because you taught them a dice number recognition game. Hopefully you can see now that if you have an older child, the more dice and numbers you use, the harder it gets.

(I had a lot more pictures to put on this, but blogger was giving me a hard time)

Enjoy!  Cheers!

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culleymom said...

LOVE IT! My kids are crazy for anything that allows them to throw in the house! And this won't break anything :)