Friday, October 17, 2008

I have a story...

I'm only going to tell you this story, because it's either happened to you or I know it'll make you crack up. But watch how hard you laugh, because karma is a funny thing...just remember that. Okay, so my youngest son is almost 2. We're not potty training yet for a few reasons. I think he's too young and he's my last baby and because I'm so busy, I feel like diaper changes are sort of my one on one time with him. crazy...i know. But sometimes, because he has an older brother, J.P. will go peepee in the potty. It's just for fun and there's no real motivation there - I think he just likes how excited we all gets when he does it. So, this morning, I decided to not interupt his 437th showing of Barney and get him out of his pajamas and diaper with him still standing up. He does this thing where as soon as his pants are off, he takes both hands and rips off his diaper like it's his holster and he's all of a sudden Clint Eastwood. I admit it, it's funny. Well, he does this and as soon as I pick up the diaper, he looks at me and aims...I mean seriously uses his hands and aims at me and starts to pee. It's all over me and I shriek like a little girl - and as he continues to pee on me HE FOLLOWS ME with it. He's cracking up, his brother is in stitches and I'm covered in pee. Nothing' like a Friday morning, eh?

Hope that made you smile.


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