Wednesday, October 29, 2008

What makes me cool

It's chilly this morning here in Orlando, but my friends in Alaska and Colorado, will remind me that in fact they are much colder than I. But with that, I've got my boots on, my jeans that I think are slimming, a kick butt sweater on and I actually brushed my hair...basically, I'm feeling like I look pretty cool. BUT, and that's a big BUT, I'm a mom and no matter how hard I try to look cool and put together, my kids will somehow manage to knock my cool factor down about 8 1/2 notches. I'll have smeared peanut butter on my shoulder by 2pm, I'll have dried crusty yogurt on the ankles of my jeans because the container mysteriously walked to the edge of the table, had a death wish and jumped off and splattered everywhere. I'll also end up with the smell of cheese crackers in my hair and my knees will be wet because I'll have cleaned up the 3rd glass of water that's spilled today.

But before all that happens and I'm still sort of put together, I still can't feel cool...why? Do you really wanna know? Well, because I have a banana and a pink pig sippy cup in my knockoff designer purse. There's nothing cool about that.


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