Friday, April 3, 2009

Hide and Go Pee

Yep...more potty talk.

Before entering the world of motherhood, I never in a million years would've imagined that giving up the opportunity to go to the bathroom by myself would be so missed.  I totally miss it...seriously.  You could take away my left nostril in exchange for me going to the bathroom by myself and I'd be skipping at every opportunity to read the 101 magazine subscriptions that I need to catch up on.  I still haven't read Redbook's November 2008 issue.  And no, I won't throw it out...there's something in there I NEED, I just know it!

But back to the lecture at hand (name that song), in my attempt to do the "duty" (yes, you can put a pun there if you'd like), I decided to get creative.  I pulled out a few small toys from the boys' toy box and hid them all over the house, some hard to find, some easy.  Then I said "on your mark, get set, go" and when they ran to find them, I ran to the bathroom.  Needless to say, I was done before they were and it was so much better hearing laughing and giggling in their attempt to find the toys than to hear fighting and yelling or have them opening the door on me.  Ah....bliss.


Glittergrl said...

Ha!!! too funny and good idea. Oh and my magazines have turned into art project's but I guess at least I get to catch up on somethings as we are cutting out the "pretty shoes" and "beautiful purses" and so on!!!

Dharma Mum said...

The trials and tribulations of motherhood! We have all been there (or somewhere nar there) but, you tell it so well!

Mom on the Run said...

When you gona get back on it? Summer isn't over yet and my kids are board!!