Sunday, August 2, 2009

Um...Hi...It's been a while...

My friend Molly started this amazing blog and she's inspired me to update mine...thanks Molly, love you! Hers is

Let me tell you why I fell off the face of the earth. I met my sister for the very first time...yep, you heard that right. Long long long story, but here's the half dad was married before my mom; he had three kids; he divorced and was in a bad part of his life and let their stepdad adopt them. He married my mom, had me and I found out about the three of them when I was eighteen. I'm 31, and I met my sister, Patti and her family on June 18th, 2009. A date I will NEVER forget. I'm madly in love with her and her family and this is an extremely high point in my life right now. We're talkin' cloud 9 baby!

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