Sunday, August 2, 2009

My baby can read...WTH?

Okay, so I've seen the infomercial about "My baby can read" about 973 times during my insomnia nights, but seriously...wth? I'd really like to hear from some of you out there to see if this really works because I'm a skeptic. Actually, I'm sure it works, but do I really want my baby to read? I like being on the computer and him not know what I'm typing. He'll start looking over my shoulder and start saying, "what does lmfao mean?". Ugh. And I'm afraid he'll be smarter than me. I like hollering out to the hubs saying "do you think we should go to s-e-a-w-o-r-l-d?" They'd be like, "hell to the yeah, I want to go to sea world!" Soooooo, I'm not so sure about all this...what do you think?

Much love to ya'...

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