Saturday, August 30, 2008

Handwriting 101

Hi All! I've missed you! I apologize on the lack of posts but my computer was in the "shop". So let's get down to business. My friend Diana sent me a link to a website that you can use to have your child practice their handwriting (or your own handwriting if you really think you need it) My handwriting was so bad growing up that I had a teacher suggest that I write in all capital letters for legibility so, I've been doing that ever since. I don't recommend this to anyone. I look back and I'm a little shocked at the suggestion but we didn't have computers to use for school work back then, so she was doing this so the poor woman could read my homework. Bless that woman.

Anyhoo, here's the click on the link, get out a dry erase marker and then have your child draw on the computer screen and you wipe it right off! I KID, I KID - don't have your child do that, I repeat, don't have your child do that!!!!! But seriously, you'll click on the link, then type in what you want your child to practice, for example their name, and then you click on "make worksheet" and you can print out the worksheet for them to use! How awesome! Thanks Diana!

Update: 9.3.08 My friend Amy wrote me today and had an idea regarding reusing the worksheets you print. You can put them in those clear plastic page protectors that load from the top so you can just use a dry erase marker on them and they wipe away. Brilliant Amy - thank you!

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