Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Sock Hop

My kids LOVE to help me around the house. Whether it's to squirt the windex on the window or use a cleaning cloth with me; they love getting involved. I like to make games of it and here's one that we did. They can use this little project when they're done to help dusting or even giving it a little spritz of cleaner to help clean the table after dinner or help with the countertops. Seriously, they get a HUGE kick out of it. Even if you don't have time to paint or draw one of these sock helpers, just get out old socks and go for it!

Supplies you'll need:

An old sock (no holes would be great) (note to my husband: yes, honey, this is one of your socks, sorry, but you can pick up more when you get me more painters tape, thanks)

Fabric Paint or permanent markers

paint brushes if you're using paint

a napkin

Put a napkin inside the sock so that the paint or marker doesn't go through the other side. Then have your little one have at it. Although I do recommend having your little tike put on an old shirt because fabric paint and permanent marker don't come out. Oh, and lay down some newspaper too. Once the paint or marker dries, your little one can put it on and have their own little cloth to help with. These "cloths" can also go in the washer and dryer. What a great way to save on paper towels!

Btw, if you're extremely bored or have a serious amount of time on your hands, you can even sew little felt ears or a tail on these to make little "dust bunnies", get it...

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joeyandaleethea said...

How fun! Joey would love this, we are sooo going to try it out. My house will be spotless in no time! I can dream.