Monday, July 7, 2008

Bean Bags

That picture above my friends are bean bags that I made last night. I was at a school supply store the other day and I saw some for $15 and almost croaked! $15!!! That's just nuts. So, I pulled out some scrap fabric, went to the store with Dawn and while she looked at me crazy while I bought 8 lbs. of pinto beans I explained to her my plans. As the light bulb went off in her head as well, we thought up today's post.

After making the bean bags (by the way, if you want some, email me, or check out my etsy site), Dawn suggested that I pull the 'ol painters tape out and make shapes on the ground to aim into. Thus learning large motor skills as well as shapes. My 4 year old knows them, but the 18 month old was intrigued. You could also draw out a hopscotch grid, but I was running low on tape - btw, Jason, are you reading this honey? Would you mind picking me up a small truck load of painters tape on your way home today? Thanks. Love, your wife. Now, back to the plan. As you can see in my picture below I also laid out paper plates that we had leftover from 4th of July (yes, they're unused, but have been decorated with markers by my son). The plates made it a little more tricky which we liked because they slid once you tried to aim your bean bag at them. Very cool in the eyes of a 4 year old. So, make or buy some bean bags and have at hit!
Oh, other variations are that you could use different color buckets to aim into for a points system or you could also draw numbers or letters on them as well to make it a triple learning experience.



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culleymom said...

Do you sell these bean bags on your sewing site? I love the idea, but ain't making any!!!