Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Pick a card...any card

Hi folks! I was cleaning out one of the 127 drawers that I need to clean out in my house and I found my old business cards from when I used to do the working mom thing. Yes, I've been on both sides of the fence; working mom and stay at home mom. Anyways, after I got done having a little laugh to myself when seeing those cards, I decided to do a little recycling project with the kids.

Here's what you'll need: old business cards or even index cards or an old deck of playing cards, or even a new deck, I'll be alright with whatever you choose. And you'll also need a pair of scissors.
Cut four even slits on each card, two on one side, two on the other. (Sorry the picture is blurry, I'm still learning about my camera).
After that you can stack as shown below. It's easier than making the card towers that I used to make because this way they won't fall down as easy. Enjoy!

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culleymom said...

GREAT idea. We have over 50 3/5 cards from last school years sight words. We were talking about building card houses last week. Thanks D. We love your site.