Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Safety first!

It friend Danielle's daughter got lost on a school field trip for about 10 minutes. And to us parents, 10 minutes is an ETERNITY! Luckily, her little girl went to someone who worked at the museum they were at and all was good. But ironically, Danielle found this brilliant invention that very same day. They're Child Saftey Tattoos and they're temporary tattoos that are personalized with your cell phone number so that you can be reached immediately. So, if you're traveling this summer or going to theme parks, I suggest you invest in these little puppies. What an awesome idea!

Let us know if you purchase these,


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culleymom said...

I love this idea. If i can't make it on a field trip, i don't let my daughter go. i'll keep you posted on what I think of them when I place my order