Monday, June 16, 2008

Beary Good Pancakes

I came across this pan on and I'm definately going to buy it. Not only for my kids, but for me. I would totally dig eating a bear pancake with my coffee every morning - what a way to start the day. "Um, honey, would you please make me a chocolate chip bear cake with a side of Starbucks caffe' verona; one cream one sugar, thanks" Btw, has anyone seen those plastic things that you press into toast to make smiley faces or different pictures? I apologize that I'm probaby not explaining myself right, but my mom used to have this yellow plastic thing that she would press into a piece of bread and then when she toasted it, it had a smiley face or a rainbow on it. Does anyone know where to get something like that? Holy Macaroni I miss the 80's.


JHJNole said...

Ok, those things are called toast stampers. Try searching on amazon for them. I bought one for my brother in law when he became a Catholic as a joke (it was a stamp of the Virgin Mary).


Delaina said...

Toast Stampers! That's it - duh! Thanks Jess!