Thursday, June 12, 2008

"Candy" Bracelet

My friend Jen bought my son some cool candy necklaces just like the ones I used to eat in the 80's. (by the way Jen, I had one of those myself, yummy!). My son was so in love with those that I decided to make these at home from Cheerios and Fruit Loops (no, not the low sugar ones, I didn't have a coupon for those). They're very easy, my son had fun and they take little supplies.

Here's what you'll need...round shaped cereal or snacks that have a small hole in them, we used a combo of Cheerios and Fruit Loops (my son eneded up picking more fruit loops than cheerios, and I don't blame him). You'll also need a pair of scissors, yarn or string or whatever you have that would work, a small piece of scotch tape (not pictured here) and you'll need your child's wrist.

Measure your child's wrist and add about 3 inches so that you'll have room to tie it off and then add a piece of tape to the end so it's easier to thread through the snacks.

Then make a few knots at the other end of the yarn so the snacks don't come off . (I realized that this was necessary after my son put a few snacks on them as you can see :)

Have your child thread the snacks on until it there's enough to go around their wrist. This is great for practicing those fine motor skills.

After you have enough on there, tie it off and TADA - "candy" bracelet. Let me just add the time I uploaded these pictures to post this, that bracelet was eaten up - so my advice is to make a few so that if you're out and about you can whip these out, tie them on and they have something to satisfy a hunger and their attention. Good Luck!

EDIT (6/18/08): My friend Amy wrote me saying that her and her son used Dental Floss instead of yarn...Brilliant! What a way to get a little flossing in! Thanks Amy!


culleymom said...

Saved a play-date gone bad! We had a friend over for a play date this afternoon. He and my son could not agree on something they both wanted to play. So my daughter and I were not able to spend our "girl" time painting our nails. So we pulled out the apple jax and everyone loved the idea of a candy bracelet! Wish I could share the pictures, it was a big hit.

hakeem said...

hey this is not candy bracelets this is cereal but good so ur just a cute little fellow arent u love your bracelets SIKE! its awsome