Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Holy Macaroni

Happy Wednesday...uh, Tuesday, wait...what day is it? I hate when that happens. I always hate when I wake up thinking it's Friday. Anyways, the activity we worked on today is a blast from the past. I remember doing it in school when I was a kid about blah blah years ago. Use "blah blah" whenever you want to cover up your age.

Here's what you'll need today. Paper, glue (preferable the squeeze bottle kind) and different pasta shapes (or just one shape if that's all you have).
I used microsoft word to print this out on my printer because I'm terrible at drawing. But please feel free to draw whatever name, design or even numbers on a piece of paper for this. You could even use colored construction paper or anything else you don't mind your little ones gluing pasta to.

You can see in the picture above that I used two different pasta shapes. Btw, I LOVE LOVE LOVE these little bowls from IKEA. They're about $1.99 for 6 bowls and they have cups and kids flatware that match. They're the perfect size and they can go in the dishwasher - how perfect!

Here's my son gluing on the pasta. While we did this we would go over each letter and name things that started with that letter. I also picked the basketball design because he's obsessed with basketball. He plays all the time, watches it when it's on, goes to the Magic games with his dad and attempts to play NBA live on the Wii. I'm sure this is developing into a healthy obsession (insert sarcasm here).

Here it is...all complete! Yes, we probably should've done the basketball too, but a four year old's attention span isn't very long.

As always, please comment with any variations that you'd like!



culleymom said...

OK, this would be much messier, but what if you used cooked spaghetti noodles. Would they stick after it all dried? I'm trying to get my little one to work on making his shapes. He seems to have an eversion to circles. Of course I would wait unit they were cooled :) What do you think glue would do with a lazy noodle?

Delaina said...

I think you should TOTALLY try the glue with the cooled cooked noodle and let us know how it comes out! That's a great idea!