Friday, June 13, 2008

Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar?

Today we made "cookies" to color, cut out and hide!
You'll first need to get your cookies on paper. I made a template as you can see in the picture above, and although I'm not able to post a pdf of this, please email me at if you'd like the template. It's in color, but feel free to print it in black and white and have them color it in. We did one sheet but you can of course print as many as you want. If you don't have a printer feel free to have your budding young artist draw his own cookies and color them in.

After printing, with a little assistance, cut out your cookies. My 4 year old still needs quite a bit of help cutting, but the scissors that I found easiest for him are the kid scissors from IKEA. They're about $2.99 and they come with two pairs; one that cuts straight lines and another that cuts in a zigzag.

This is my 18 month old dumping out the crayons everywhere so that he could color his black and white cookies.
And here they are! All cut out and ready to hide. The cuts are not perfect and trust me, me and my self diagnosed OCD has some issues with not going behind my 4 year old to make them perfect. Let it go Delaina, let it go...LOL!

After they're all cut out have your little ones hide in their room and lay those cookies out!
This is the "after" shot. He found all his cookies and needed to count them to make sure he found them all!
Here are some variations and additions if you'd like...
You could laminate your print out and then cut them out so they last longer.
You could write numbers or letters that spell their name on the back.
You could do different foods, such as different food groups and then have them sort them into the right group, i.e. dairy, grains, fruits and so on.
You could also make these gold coins and make a treasure hunt.
I guess I could go on forever! But if you have some more ideas for this activity, please post a comment for us all to see.
Have a great day!

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