Monday, June 16, 2008

What's Missing

Hi All! Happy Monday! Hope you find that today is treating you well. We had fun today; a little rain, a little sunshine and a whole lot of humidty...that's Florida for you. Anyway, down to business. Today we played What's Missing. I basically dug through the toy box and found different shaped items that were different colors, sizes and textures. I placed them on a plate and then had my son take a long look at them. I didn't tell him what I would do next (suspense is an awesome thing to watch on a kid), I just told him to take a long look at the plate and what was on it. I told him to count how many objects there were and to name them all. Then...I took the plate away and removed an object.
The picture below shows a missing object when I brought the plate back. I told my son to figure out what was missing and I told him how many items were missing and although it took him a few minutes, he eventually figured it out. With a big grin he said "Do it again Momma!" And so the game lasted about 10 minutes, which is more than I expected.

I also did this game with my 10 year old cousin who was hangin' out with us today. I put a lot more objects on her plate and she had just as much fun with her game as my son did.

Enjoy! And please post any variations that you come up with; we'd all love to read them!

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Anonymous said...

I have no children myself but was one once and have many nieces. I personally love Barry and the Carpenters. Have actually listened to them both everyday for the last two weeks or so. Obviously trying to work something out. Helen Reddy and Anne Murray too.

Anyway, a suggestion for a "toy." When my twin and I were small my mother got a large jar and one # each of various dried beans, red, white, pinto, chickpea, etc. and mixed them in said jar. Then they could be sorted, used as counters, mosaics, etc. Not unlike the fabled button tin of yore, only cheaper.