Saturday, June 21, 2008

Sand Art

My friend Amy sent this to me that came in her son's Highlights magazine. I completely forgot about this magazine but totally remember this as a kid. Oh the memories (the ones I can remember in my ripe ol' age of blah blah). The pictures posted below are the directions along with the supplies needed, but I'll list them below as well.


Sand, food coloring, glue, cardboard and small jars with lids. Amy said that she used those small starbucks frapuccino bottles and used sand from her son's sandbox.


1.Pour sand into jars. Add a few drops of food coloring.

2. Put lid on and shake until sand is colored.

3. Put glue onto carboard, using the glue as your drawing utensil.

4. Sprinkle sand on the glue.

5. Wait 15 minutes, gently shake the cardboard and you've made sand art!

Good Luck!


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culleymom said...

I CAN'T STAND SAND ART!! Sorry Girl! The kids brought home sand art projects from Sunday school this week. From car to kitchen I ended up covered in colored sand adn if you know me and how I feel about sand, you can guess how I felt about that! Keep the sand, I'll stick with the fruit loops :)