Friday, June 20, 2008

Did you ever have one of these?

I totally had this joystick and I definately played my fair share of Centipede, Pacman and Q-Bert! Educational? Probably not. Fun? You betcha. But now we know that these days our kids have access to many more educational opportunities that are challenging AND fun. They look forward to learning. The only technological excitement (it's a new term I made up) that I remember was Oregon Trail. So, today, let's chat about some of the opportunities that are available to our kids. And here's the good news...if you have a home computer or even access to one at your local library - these are FREE!

The first one that we go to is It's a kids only site where they can create their own character and visit kid friendly sites that you many not necessarily know that are geared for kids. You also get a weekly email to let you know what sites your child has visited (I assume that would be great for older kids where you're not sitting next to them at the computer).

The other discovery that my friend Diana and I made was from the library today. The link I'm posting is for the local library here where we live and it has online books that your kids can flip through. It's totally interactive. Go to Tumblebooks and Tumblereadables.

Besides playhouse disney, nick jr. and pbs. org - let us know by leaving a comment about other technological advancements (that's a 25 cent word baby!) that you use with your kids - I know we all want to know!



The Pink Potpourri said...

hi! i stumbled on your blog from pioneer woman :) and yes, i did have one of those joy sticks! i LOVED playing frogger! thanks for the helpful resources!

swing by my site if you'd like...i update every week day and have a giveaway every friday! you should enter to win!

culleymom said...

I was never good at frogger, but I rocked at PONG!!

My daughter is almost 6 and is well into webkinz. You have to buy a stuffed animal or other webkinz item to get access to the site, but once you do there are fun things that are suposed to be educational for the kids. I have found that more than learning to budget her "kinz cash" she is learning how to navagate through a web site and use the computer. I guess these days that can be as important as the alphabet! She has great fun that can keep her busy for hours, so we have to limit her time and it's safe.

Thanks for the recomendations on the free sites, we'll be checking them out today!

culleymom said...

We tried Kidzui this week, my 6 year old and I. After a day and a half, she finally asked if she could go back onto Webkinz so she could decorate her room.
I liked how it lined you to kid friendly sites, but she found that it was too boaring. I guess fewer options are better for the younger mind. Webkins gives her limited choices of what to do instead of choosing from a variety of sites all offering similar activities.
I will, however, forward the link to her cousin who is a few years older and may enjoy it more.
I love your site and all the info it offers.
Later Gator,